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Dear headteachers, teachers and delegates,

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you back to the eleventh edition of LSESU United Nations Society's flagship high school conference: LSEMUN High School 2024 in March next year as we reflect on the successes of our previous conference, LSE YouthMUN 2023. We are humbled by the extraordinary support that you have given to us and the conference and we aim to be back this year building on the strong foundations while staying true to our roots with our brand new #MUNforALL initiatives - all aiming to provide a prestigious opportunity for any delegate, irrespective of background to learn something out of this conference - diplomacy skills, inner-workings of the United Nations, and so much more!

LSEMUN High School 2024 is the first conference following a major rebrand from LSE YouthMUN, the family name for the past decade. The 2024 Secretariat is honoured to introduce a number of brand-new initiatives building on the feedback we've received, and are happy to announce that this year's conference will be even larger, committees even more diverse, so we would encourage you to make use of all our offerings available to you. We hope to welcome you once again at the London School of Economics in March 2024! :)

Kelvin Ng

Secretary-General, LSEMUN High School 2024

BSc Politics and International Relations (3rd Year)

Department of Government, London School of Economics

Learn more about #MUNforALL here


What is LSEMUN High School?

LSE YouthMUN was first conceived in 2014 as a platform for sixth form students in the UK to engage with current affairs through the simulation of the United Nations. In particular, we aim to empower delegates across the globe, irrespective of background, to partake in invaluable discussions and form constructive solutions to pressing global issues. To achieve this we have introduced a scholarship program, lowered participation requirements to Years 9-13, and have helped numerous schools set up their first MUN societies through our signature Outreach Programme, where we will come to you. For those who are inexperienced with MUN, YouthMUN was the perfect opportunity for students to sharpen their research, writing, and public speaking skills. As a conference organised by one of the top-ranked universities and MUN teams in the country, delegates will have the unique opportunity to learn more about MUN and LSE.

In our tenth edition in 2023 (our first post-COVID and in-person conference), we reached a significant milestone by doubling the amount of committees and delegates capacity. All of this paved way for our rebranding which will further enable us bring you the authentic LSE experience and our passion for academic excellence and inclusive learning. LSEMUN High School 2024 is our eleventh edition of this conference, and we look forward to welcoming you on campus again in March 2024.

LSE YouthMUN 2023 in numbers


Staff members

Including secretariat members, chairs and staff members. Our chairs come from all around the world, from LSE, SOAS, Warwick, University of Law and so many more. All staff are DBS-checked and go through vigorous training to bring you the best experience.


participating schools

We try our best to engage with each participating school irrespective of background. Last year we have also conducted outreach programmes with 9 of these schools (online and in-person) which are bespoke and tailor-made to your needs.



With the introduction of individual delegates, last year 201 delegates joined us in 10 committees (including a crisis committee). All committees are tailored according to level of experience and year group.



Last year we welcomed schools across the globe to enhance the level of exchange between our delegates. Schools outside the UK still benefit from our online Outreach Programme and dedicated support (including visa letters, etc.)

The LSEMUN HS Secretariat is excited to announce the following initiatives for the 2024 Edition:

Delegate Eligibility

In 2023, we lowered the participation age to allow secondary school students worldwide between Years 9-13 (or equivalent) to participate and was received very positively. LSEMUN High School 2024 will continue to be open to students between Years 9-13. There are also a limited number of non-means tested scholarships.

The Individual Delegate Application will also be making a return in LSEMUN HS 2024, subject to an accompanying guardian at all times and a school notification (i.e. you will need to provide a teacher's contact to certify that the school will NOT be sending a delegation to the conference).

All delegations not from the United Kingdom will receive dedicated support should you need help with visa applications and accommodation recommendations.


Committee Offerings

We expect to accommodate a maximum of 550 delegates and offer 16 committees subject to staffing availability and the number of schools that are pre-registered. This will make LSEMUN HS once again our largest conference while maintaining an ideal ratio of approx. 20-30 delegates per committee. Committees will also be sorted into beginner, intermediate and advanced committees and there are dedicated committees for delegates of lower year groups.

Following the success of last year, we expect to offer 2 crisis committees (subject to staffing availability and delegate demand), one of which will be a full military crisis (i.e. a war simulation). All delegates will receive pre-conference training on crisis and tips on how to succeed, and we highly encourage schools to try out.

LSEMUN Assistant Chair Programme

The LSEMUN Assistant Chair Programme offers an invaluable chance for sixth form students (Years 12-13 or equivalent) to shadow our chairs in the running of committees, all of whom are from well-known universities in the United Kingdom and are themselves seasoned delegates and chairs in the UK MUN Circuit.

We encourage schools to nominate students to the LSEMUN Assistant Chair Programme and students will be provided training (hybrid, on LSE campus or via Zoom) and mentorship. This year we will also be opening the programme to individual applicants as well (without needing to gain school approval but still subject to a accompanying guardian throughout the conference).

All nominations are still subject to an online interview.



We are delighted to bring the LSEMUN HS Tour to the entirety of the United Kingdom (if your school is outside Greater London, it will be time-specific to group schools which are close to each other). The LSEMUN HS Tour builds on our dedicated outreach programme which is tailor-made to your school's needs, whether it be life in LSE, Rules of Procedure workshops, public speaking skills, academic research skills or even advice on setting up a MUN club. Students will benefit from having the opportunity to meet members of the Secretariat before the conference and will be able to have their questions answered in person.

If your school is based outside the United Kingdom, we also offer dedicated online training workshops which have the same content as the LSEMUN HS Tour.

The LSEMUN SDG Policy Challenge

This year's LSEMUN High School will also feature a research challenge aimed at developing research skills in International Relations and Social Policy among students. In teams of 3-5, students investigate the challenges affecting the implementation of a Sustainable Development Goal (as stipulated by the United Nations), which will enable them to create a proposal and a pitch regarding an alternative solution to its implementation.

Students entering the research challenge will be assigned a mentor (an LSE student) who will be checking in with their progress and providing feedback, as well as linking students with LSE professors should they wish to seek the expertise of the faculty.

We expect to provide more details regarding this in November 2023, and eligibility will be open to all registered schools. The winner of the Policy Challenges (across Junior, Y9-11 and Senior, Sixth-Form groups) will be awarded an opportunity to present their findings in the Closing Ceremony, as well as a trophy of recognition.


Questions? Feel free to send us an email!


The LSEMUN High School Secretariat is formed by passionate members of the United Nations Society, LSE Students' Union. ​We are one of the largest and most operationally diverse societies at the LSE. At our core, we proudly represent the UN’s values, both through academic conferences and through other mediums such as volunteering, speaker events, career support and transferable skills development. In addition to this, we act as the conduit between global perspectives and grassroots student initiatives, with our dedication to success clearly reflected by our standing as a LSESU Gold Star winning society.

TeamLSE represents LSE at MUN conferences around the world, performing as one of the best delegations in the country (based on awards won and overall delegation awards) against other universities and professional teams. Through rigorous weekly training sessions, our members develop high levels of competency in public speaking, negotiation, research and policy-writing, and this is reflected in our success at conferences, winning over 115 awards in the past three academic years.

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