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Each year, YouthMUN sponsors state school students to attend the conference and this year we strive to expand our reach significantly. It’s an experience that helps to form a holistic understanding of our interconnected world, thus, of our role and potential to bring about positive change. At the same time, the conference hones public speaking and diplomacy skills, thereby being an opportunity every student would greatly benefit from. 

YouthMUN works closely with invited schools’ administration and students alike to help build their capacity to participate in conferences. Training sessions, planned and organised by our experienced Outreach team, involve guiding delegates on everything, from how to navigate through research and rules of procedure, to good public speaking technique and how to make the most of their experience. This year, in addition to hosting these training seminars, our Outreach team is offering guidance and logistical support for interested schools to form their own Model UN clubs or societies. We ensure that these clubs would be a stepping stone for schools to widen their delegations in the future, and for delegates to continue building on their skills and interest with every experience.


The LSE’s YouthMUN 2021 Outreach division is proud to announce that we are offering training sessions to participants of NITMUN 2020. NITMUN is one of the largest high school conferences in India and hosts students from all over the world. The LSE brings the expertise of one of the top Model UN teams in Europe to these training sessions, which will be held on the 7th and 14th of November, 2020. Sessions will include an introduction to MUN, general advice for all parts of committee sessions, as well as practice time! For the first time ever, YouthMUN Outreach is collaborating with an international conference on such a scale. So, we look forward to working with NITMUN and their participants, who will be invited to attend YouthMUN 2021 next February!

"I am so excited to work with each of you as you prepare for YouthMUN 2021. Model UN was a transformative experience in my life, and I know it will in yours as well. As we work together to solve the most challenging problems our world faces, you'll discover new skills and capacities that you can use to contribute to humanity throughout your life." - Nabil Kalantar, Deputy Secretary-General for Outreach 

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