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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the expected scale of LSEMUN High School 2024?

We expect the conference to be attended by at least 300 delegates (and we will have the capacity for such), and we expect to be able to offer a minimum of 12-15 committees (subject to staffing availability). We expect 2 of these to be crisis committees, and some others to be specialised committees.​ Due to the increased capacity we also expect to offer more scholarship places this year.

What is the delegate fee?

Delegate fees will begin at £50.00 per delegate this year during the Registration (Early 1) Round, and will increase incrementally by £5.00 after each round (Early 2 and Final Rounds). Schools which have pre-registered and follow through to the official application during Registration (Early 1) will receive a 10% bulk discountWe expect Assistant Chairs to join the conference free of charge this year.

What does the delegate fee cover?

The delegate fee covers admittance to LSEMUN High School 2024 and its related social events in the evening and a delegate pack (including placards and lanyards). Please note that the delegate fee does not cover catering arrangements (during lunch breaks). Catering will be provided separately on demand and will be charged at marked price (i.e. we can buy food for your delegates free-of-charge). 

Why the changes in pricing?

LSEMUN High School 2024 is entirely funded by the LSESU United Nations Society and not any other partner (nor the university). We are a conference run entirely by students and as a result the amount of resources that we have are limited. Despite that our commitment to providing academic excellence and an inclusive experience remains unchanged.


Who can take part in LSEMUN High School 2024?

The conference is open to all secondary schools students from Y9-13 (Third-Sixth Form) around the world. University students are encouraged to sign up to our Home Conference also organised by the LSESU United Nations Society, LSEMUN.

What is the maximum delegation size?

There is no "maximum" delegation size. However, schools / organisations planning to bring a large delegation are recommended to apply early to guarantee their spot, as capacity may become rather full at a later stage of registration.

What is the dress code of the conference?

We ask that delegates attend the conference in Western business attire, especially during the Opening / Closing Ceremonies and the High Table Dinner but costumes are allowed for the Crisis Committee.

How can I apply as a delegate?

Delegates are recommended to apply as a delegation (through their faculty advisor), but they could also apply individually subject to a school referral (i.e. a school acknowledgement that they will NOT be sending a delegation to the conference) and a responsible guardian accompanying them at all times. Assistant chairs can also apply individually in LSEMUN HS 2024.

When will I receive my committee assignment?

After registration has closed and all fees have been paid in full. However for some committees priority is given to those who apply early (especially those whose sizes are limited), hence we apply applying early to guarantee your desired committees.

Who can I contact about special assistance?

Please contact the Secretary-General at

Will LSEMUN High School sponsor my visa application?

Delegations and individual delegates are responsible for their own visa applications and any expenses incurred outside this conference, but the Secretariat can upon request produce a signed letter to provide supporting evidence for your application.

Is accommodation and transport arranged for us?

Delegations and individual delegates are responsible for any expenses incurred outside this conference. While we are looking into transportation options for social venues should they be sufficiently far enough from LSE, we do not expect this to be available and suggest that delegations plan their transport options sufficiently ahead.


When are payments due?

After the Application is well received, a member of the Secretariat will be in contact for payment. The deadline is either by the end of the respective round (to guarantee the price offer) or one-week after the payment instructions have been sent (in the case of applications close to the deadline for that respective round).

What is the refund policy?

We only offer refunds for cancellations up to two weeks prior to the conference, subject to a handling fee. The Secretariat will try to offer a partial refund for delegates who cancel last-minute but could provide sufficient evidence for absence, although this is not guaranteed. The booking fee cannot be refunded as it is collected by the LSE Students' Union, not by the Secretariat.

Is financial aid available?

The LSEMUN High School Scholarship Programme provides a non-means tested fee waiver for delegates who couldn't attend the conference otherwise due to their financial situation. We will be providing more details as soon as we have them.

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