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Proudly Sponsored by LSE100

Earth from Space

Essential Information

Participation Eligibility

Each participating school delegation may send two teams of 3-5 students (one for the Junior Group: Years 9-11 students or equivalent and one for the Senior Group: Years 12-13 / Sixth Form students or equivalent). Schools sign up via the official conference registration form. While there is no requirement that all students must be registered delegates for the conference, we strongly advise that this be the case.

What will participants have to do?

Participants, with the support of their Faculty Advisor, decide on a UN Sustainable Development Goal to investigate, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the policy's current implementation. Participants are then invited to get creative and propose various policy recommendations to further the implementation of that Sustainable Development Goal with reference to particular stakeholders and case studies, which culminate into a research report. More information will be provided to participating teams with an approved registration.

Award Eligibility

Finalists (the best two selections) will be invited to present their findings during the Opening Day of LSEMUN High School 2024. All finalists are presented with the LSE100 Outstanding SDG Policy Award, while the winning presentation will be awarded the LSE100 SDG Policy Challenge Award.

Empowering youth voices in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The LSE100 SDG Policy Challenge provides students, in teams of 3-5 students, with a chance to dive into the United Nations' implementation of a pre-existing Sustainable Development Goal, examining and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of its implementation with regards to particular case studies, proposing policy recommendations which will culminate into a research report, and a chance to present their findings.


LSEMUN SDG Policy Challenge is proudly sponsored by LSE100

LSE100 is LSE’s flagship interdisciplinary course taken by all first-year undergraduate students as part of your degree programme. Students are asked to conduct independent research as well as attend classes taught by LSE academics, on topics which are related to challenging global issues. Throughout the year, students will complete an independent report write-up and a group project, where they get the chance to collaborate with students from different academic background within LSE. 

For more information about LSE100, visit their website


Support provided to participating teams

All participating teams will be assigned a mentor which will be a member of the Secretariat. This mentor is the port-of-call for any specific questions relating to the LSE100 SDG Policy Challenge and will organise any research support sessions with participating teams if necessary.

Whereas participating teams would like to seek the expertise from particular members of the LSE faculty, the mentor can also attempt to facilitate this by bridging communication between LSE staff faculty and student teams. This can also provide participants with the opportunity to engage with the academic rigour of the London School of Economics.



Early February 2024

Participating teams are encouraged to confirm their SDG of choice with their mentor

6 February 2024

Online Webinar with the Secretary-General (will be recorded and available for viewing afterwards)

Until 28 February 2024

Participating teams submit a First Draft to their Designated Advisor for feedback

1 March 2024

Participating teams to submit their research report

Early March 2024

Finalists to be notified of their eligibility to present in the LSEMUN High School 2024 Conference

15 March 2024

Finalist Presentations (Junior and Senior Groups)

LSE100 SDG Policy Challenge Booklet


The booklets linked below will include template for the LSE100 SDG Policy Report. Please follow this template by either editing text over the template, or producing an equivalent template using other softwares (e.g. MS Word etc.) as your report. 

Questions? Feel free to send us an email!

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