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Kelvin Ng

Kelvin is a final year BSc Politics and International Relations student at the LSE. He was raised in Hong Kong but is now living in the United Kingdom. His MUN journey started in 2021 as part of TeamLSE, and has since chaired at a wealth of other conferences, including Director-General of LSE YouthMUN 2023. He is also serving as Under-Secretary-General of Academics at LIMUN 2024. He is very much excited for LSEMUN:HS's major rebrand this year and is very much looking forward to meeting you all to the LSE Campus again. Outside of MUN, Kelvin has worked within the realm of Public Affairs and Administration, and has constantly traversed London’s streets on a Lime bike. He also enjoys singing in the LSE Choir and occasionally enjoying a Swedish fika with friends on the streets of Stockholm.

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Kenneth Choi

Kenneth is a 2nd Year BSc Politics and Economics student at the LSE. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kenneth developed interest in Chinese diplomacy and their effects on his home, before branching out to other areas of international relations. He completed his GCSEs and A Levels education in Concord College, UK, where he started his MUN journey. Since then, Kenneth has competed and chaired in many conferences, and served in the secretariat of LSEMUN last year as their USG of Staffing and Academics. He is very excited to serve as your Deputy Secretary-General this year and cannot wait to meet you in an even bigger and better conference. Outside of MUN, Kenneth is a keen home cook and enjoys inviting friends and family to dinner parties, where his passion in singing and Cantopop never fails to entertain his guests. Kenneth is also a cue sport fanatic and a classic menswear enthusiast. 

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Adding a long series of firsts, this year's Secretariat (and our largest yet) for LSEMUN High School 2024 is made up from 3 different universities (LSE, SOAS and Queen Mary University of London). Our Secretariat is composed of students from all years, and from 8 nationalities. All of us are very much looking forward to welcoming you all on the LSE campus in March 2024!


Academics and Administration Team

External Relations Team

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