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Introducing LSESU YouthMUN 2023.

The Secretariat is more than thrilled to introduce the following initiatives as part of our vision to expand our presence and accessibility to secondary school students around the world:

  • Eligibility Requirements: LSESU YouthMUN 2023 will be open to all secondary school students around the world from Years 9-13 (England/Wales: Third-Sixth Form, Scotland: S2-6, Northern Ireland: Years 9-14; please enquire for other countries/regions). There will be dedicated junior, intermediate and senior Committees (currently 10 in total) available to cater to students' needs. Schools based outside Greater London / United Kingdom are welcome to consider our Accommodation Support Programme.

  • Individual Delegates: Delegates who are not able to join this conference through a school delegation and who meet the eligibility requirements above are welcome to apply individually, subject to a responsible guardian accompanying the delegate at all times throughout the conference and a school referral. Interested delegates should be in contact with the Secretariat to be invited to the official Registration Process, and you do not need to fill in the Pre-Registration Form as it is aimed at schools only.

  • Assistant Chair Programme: We are very excited to announce that we will be accepting applications for our brand-new Assistant Chair Programme, which will provide students with a chance to shadow university-level chairs in various committees. This Programme will be open to any Sixth Form Students with evidence of extensive experience in MUN, and will include an application and interview process.

  • Dedicated Outreach Programme: The Secretariat is thrilled to introduce our new flagship outreach programme, which is aimed at expanding access to schools across the country, this will include:

    • In-person workshops / assembly presentations during Fall / Michaelmas Term​ (October 2022 - January 2023) to schools in Greater London

    • Dedicated support in setting up Model United Nations Societies across schools by members of the LSESU United Nations Society, one of the premier university societies in the UK in this field

    • Schools located outside Greater London should get in touch with the Secretariat and a mixture of in-person and online activities may be offered

  • Accommodation Support: The Secretariat will be seeking partnerships with accommodation providers in London to provide delegates whose schools are outside Greater London a centralised place to stay in, which would provide the opportunity for delegates to meet each other. Shuttle bus services will be provided between LSE and the hotel on conference days. Schools wishing to participate in LSESU YouthMUN 2023 and are located outside Greater London should indicate interest in the Registration Form to better accommodate your needs.

Please direct any enquiries relating to these arrangements to the Secretariat in the Contacts page.


All Applications extended until 27 February 2023 (Monday)

We're very excited to have you. Seize this chance to apply to the premier high school conference in the United Kingdom!
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